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Trade faster without the need of a third party

We’re on a mission to make petroleum commodities and renewable energy accessible for companies of all stages and industries.

Direct connection with Verified buyers and Verified sellers

Through VesselTrust marketplace, trading parties can meet verified buyers and sellers of commodities to do trade with and save time that would have been spent doing searching and doing background checks to authentic trade partners.

Escrow service for fund custody.

Most traders are not comfortable releasing funds upfront in international trade,Our licensed escrow service providers are on standby to eradicate all financial risk you might have on your mind and allows you to focus on closing the trade successfully.

Granting access to Banks or third-party like insurance on a deal.

Oftentimes traders especially sellers might not be financially buoyant enough to initiate a trade after a request has been made by the buyer,Vesseltrust directly connects such traders with licensed and registered financial institutions on the platform that are ready and willing to provide necessary financial assistance in no time.But before providing such service,the financial entity would request the service of licensed and registered insurance agency that would carry out thorough verification on the product available for sale and gives a comprehensive report on the availability,quality and quantity of the product available for sale before the fund is being released to the seller.

Real-time Vessel Location and Tracking

Our tracking feature allows users to track loaded vessels en route to point of destination faster and efficiently in real time.

Secure communication channel

A communication channel between trade parties that will enable users to communicate effortlessly through secure chat protocol. This will ensure no third-party hijack communication or compromise from third party.

Document Control and File Management System via IPFS

A secure document management system for easy transfer of required trade documents between parties.

Trade History

Creates visibility for users to see trade history and trail of participants on trades carried out via verification on contract history creation from the Blockchain which helps reputation of trading partner

Decentralized System using the Blockchain

A decentralized platform that ensures the security of documents and personal details of users as storage is not via a centralized or single point of failure. All user’s verification document and identity is sent to the IPFS network. Also, contract creation is timestamped and created via Blockchain smart contract.